My Reading Goals for 2020

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Hello everyone!  I hope you’ve all had a great New Year and a lovely holiday season.

I feel like 2019 went by very quickly.  Anyone else?

Since this is the beginning of a new year (and new decade) I thought I would share what are some of my reading goals for the year.

First I actually plan to read less than I have in the past.  I get so caught up in the number of books read that I’m actually missing out on reading what is enjoyable to me, so I want to slow down my pace and find some good books.

My second goal is buy fewer books.  Currently my Kindle has so much on it that even if I read 50 books a year it would still take me several years to read everything on there.  Not to mention all the physical books that I own but haven’t read or finished, so I definitely trying to not buy too many because honestly I don’t know that I could hold myself to a complete year without buying any books at all.

And my last goal is to read larger novels.  Typically I’m drawn to young adult literature because most of them run at about 300 to 350 pages with larger print; and if you are a fast reader you could complete these in an afternoon, or if you are a slow reader, like me, then in a few days.  Makes my reading count go higher faster, but I feel like bigger novels are more intriguing as long as they are written well.  For example, I am currently reading The Sunne in Splendour by Sharon Kay Penman and the paperback addition I have is 936 pages.  It has taken me about a month to make it to page 500, but I have read it nearly everyday since the beginning of December and don’t feel at all like I am wasting my time. I can think of a few books I read in 2019 that were much shorter and got me to the point where I decided not to finish them.  So at the moment I’m inclined to believe that reading larger novels might me in my best interest.

Did you make any reading goals for 2020?

Happy Reading,



Resolution Redue

2017 might simply have been one of the fastest years of my life. No sooner had 2016 ended before I find myself already decorating again for Christmas in 2017. So as I wrap up the last year (no pun intended) and place all my Christmas things away, I thought I’d write a post about the New Year.

Last year was hard, for lack of a better word, both personally and from a world perspective. There are many I know who greatly welcome 2018, though what it will bring is a mystery. It is usually during this time my social media is flooded with New Year’s resolutions. Something to resolve before year’s end. Something to change, make better, or remove. But I’ve never been good at resolutions and usually February comes with no progress but completely giving up on whatever I had challenged myself to do.

Except last year that changed for me, I decided that if I couldn’t handle resolutions I could instead handle goals. Goals sound nicer, less final than resolutions and more forgiving when they aren’t met by a certain deadline. And last years goal was a spiritual one. I wanted to know the word of God more. To read it everyday and have it to recall on both when everything was fine and also when it wasn’t. So I started doing bible studies with She Reads Truth and I signed myself up for their auto shipping program for each new study.

Did I read my bible everyday? No. But I did retain a lot more than even I could have imagined. Am I reciting verses left and right to all who are around me? No. But I’ve grown in my relationship with God and it is stronger than it has been before. So my personal goal for 2017 helped me grow as a person. It helped me to better understand myself and it provided comfort in those hard times.

2017 goal gave me confidence that I can grow and it has made me want to learn more about myself. Which has made me ponder what I’d like to make a goal in 2018 and I’ve decided to make it about a year of learning.

Here are a few things I’d like to learn:

  • To play the Ukulele
  • To learn a second language
  • To learn some graphic design techniques

I don’t want to grow my list too long, but I hope to accomplish something no matter how good I am at it or not.

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year. And may it bring you joy, love, and health.

Happy Reading,