My Autumn Reading List

I remember as a kid having a summer reading list or a summer reading program during the break. I also remember not really loving it because they weren’t books I got to choose, but I had the idea why not have a reading list for the fall. It is after all the perfect reading season as it starts to get cooler and days get shorter, curling up with a good book, blanket, and hot cocoa is the best. So here is my reading list for this fall. Enjoy!

Whispers in Autumn By Trisha Leigh

Whispers in Autumn will be my audio book of choice for this fall. Not only does the title and cover scream all things autumn but the story is not what I expected when I read the description. The book follows a 16 year old heroine named Althea who is immune to the alien mind control that has overtaken the rest of the population. That’s right I said alien. It surprised me too because the cover doesn’t look sci fi in the least bit, but the book is set in 2015 where an alien race has conquered earth not by physical force but through mind control. This isn’t a typical book I would read but I have a feeling it makes a great audio book.

Poor Unfortunate Soul: A Tale of the Sea Witch by Serena Valentino

My mom and I will be at Disney World this fall, more specifically we will be there on Halloween; and I thought there would be nothing better than to read a book devoted to my favorite Disney villain, Ursula.  Poor Unfortunate Soul is actually from a series of books that tells the story from the villain’s perspective, so this would be focused on the story of the Little Mermaid by how Ursula would tell it. It isn’t a very long book and is geared for the much younger reader but I hope it will be enjoyable none  the less. Plus I’m sure I’ll be super busy on my trip so a short read will be perfect.

Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

I did a TBR Thursday post on this several weeks ago and noted that I planned on reading it in the Autumn time. Staying true to my word I have added it to my Autumn reading list this fall.  Neverwhere could I guess be described as an urban fantasy as the main character lives and resides in modern day London but after rescuing a girl on the side of the street one night he is introduced to an entirely different world that lives under London. I’m excited for this book and I might read it first as I just finished the series Stranger Things on Netflix and while they may be nothing a like I still feel like this will help with the hangover I have from the show.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling

I’ll admit that I’m completely late to the whole Harry Potter craze but when the books first came out when I was about ages 11 to 18 I wasn’t as massive a reader as I am now.  But I have slowly (intentionally slowly) been reading through the series and finished Prisoner of Azkaban in July.  I’ll probably take my time with the fourth book, Goblet of Fire, because I don’t want to just breeze through the series. I enjoy each book so much I want them to last forever.

The Silver Witch by Paula Brackston

I’m a sucker for two things lately when it comes to books: beautiful covers and buying things from Seriously I have a problem when it comes to that website because books are so cheap on there. I believe this book was a 50/50 deal so I got it for between $2-$3. How do you say no to that?  The answer is you don’t, so here it is on my bookshelf waiting for Fall. And even if it turns out not to be that great of a book at least it looks beautiful, which can sometimes apply to people too.  With all that aside The Silver Witch is about a woman who moves to a cottage in Wales after her husband’s death and starts to exhibit strange powers and has visions of an ancient witch named Seren. It sounds like and interesting story and perfect for this time of year.

Happy Reading,


TBR Thursday: Neverwhere

Neverwhere By Neil Gaiman

Neverwhere was a recommendation from deepthiunnkrishnan, who runs the blog onturningpages, in reply to my reading wishlist post I wrote about two months ago. After reading her comment I decided to head out to my local bookstore to find it and the description instantly made me want to read it.

The book is a fantasy novel about an underground world called Neverwhere that lies beneath the city of London that has all sorts beings not found on the world above. The main character Richard Mayhew is a business man who resides in the city above and has no clue about the existence of Neverwhere, that is until he rescues a girl connected to that world.  I was intrigued by the mystery of Neverwhere and it sounds like a great fantasy novel set in one of my favorite cities.

So you may be wondering why haven’t I read it yet?

My answer is best described by a reading philosophy of a pharmacist I use to work with. She could not read a book that did not fit the current season, meaning a book set around a town at the beach could not be read in the middle of December just as a Christmas novel wouldn’t do in July.  So too were my feelings about Neverwhere after I had read about twenty pages. I feel it would be a better read in the fall, especially around Halloween as some of the characters I’ve read so far seem to match that time of year the best. So I am going to read it this fall while I sit and sip on my pumpkin spice latte wearing my skinny jeans and boots because I’m kind of basic like that. (And by basic I mean awesome just so we’re clear.)

But I am curious to know if anyone else has this same quirk about reading? Does what you read have to reflect the scenery your in or maybe you can’t read a book that doesn’t match the mood you’d like to feel at that moment? I know that I can’t often read something sad when I’m feeling pretty happy. I’d love to hear from you all and see who else might feel this way.


Happy Reading,