About Me

Hello! I’m Meghan and I currently live in Georgia. I’m 27 and attend college part time while maintaining a full time job, which all boils down to one question, do I have time for a blog? Truthfully I hope so. Because to be completely honest I’ve tried blogging before but I didn’t really know what I was doing or where I wanted to start, but I’ve figured it out this time around. See I’m a book lover and I come from a long line of book lovers. My mother is a book lover, her mother is a book lover, and my dad’s mother is a book lover. Basically if you’re a female member of my family you’re probably a book lover. And it is because of this third generation of book loving that I want to share with anyone else who will listen.

All of that is to simply say that I want to talk about books, all sorts of books. Books about far away worlds, historical events, family dramas, young love, and whatever may peak my interest. So come along with me and read my reviews, learn about what I’m currently reading, and any recommendations I may have. And don’t hesitate to reach out to me either, I love getting new book recommendations and making new friends!


Happy reading,



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