I was first introduced to Sarah Andersen’s comic through Tumblr like I sure 99.9% of people were. I really like this comic because I relate to it pretty well.  And as I decided to chose this book for my TBR Thursday I noticed it’s currently only $4.99 on kindle, and had to weep a little because sadly I had to put myself on a book-buying ban for the the entire month of May. Boooo!

But the book bans probably a good idea for me because I have the problem of buying a book and not reading it. And I’m getting bad about looking at my overflowing bookshelf and claiming I have nothing to read! It’s like owning too much clothes and saying I have nothing to wear, which I have that problem too. So basically I’m the girl with nothing to read and nothing to wear while violently trying to stuff another book in my bookcase while squeaking into my tightly packed closest. Oh my first world problems!

Anyway I’d love to read all the comics in Adulthood is a Myth but it will have wait 26 more days. Not that I’m counting.

Happy Reading,



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