I will admit I am not one for poetry. At least not that I am one to read an entire poetry book mainly because I find poetry to be extremely personal and that because it comes from the writer in almost a more intimate way than any other literary genre writer out there may present in their works. I also feel that poetry also has to be personal to the reader and therefore takes a little extra time finding the one that feels matches me on a personal level.

Because of this thought process behind poetry I pretty much avoided it all together except for the lone poem I might come across on occasion, but a goal for myself in 2017 is to complete a reading challenge and a poetry book is usually on the list.  To say I’ve been on the lookout to find a book that I would want to read is an understatement. I’ve searched on Pinterest, read other book blogs, and scoured through Instagram tags to find something that might peak my interest and then I came across The Princess Saves Herself in This One by Amanda Lovelace.  The title alone draws me in as I think this it represents apart of myself and can be relatable to a lot of women who have ever wanted to be rescued when they were younger and now realize they can do the rescuing themselves.  And quite frankly it isn’t Milk and Honey which is every where at the moment so I didn’t want to read that one. I genuinely look forward to reading this and hope that it doesn’t disappoint.

Happy Reading,



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