Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson

I want to like fairy tale retelling but I’ve failed to find one that excites me. I’ve tried reading a few, such as The Lunar Chronicles but figured out the first book  Cinder within the first few chapters. Since then I haven’t managed to pick up another until I came across Tiger Lily in a book recommendation from goodreads. It seemed interesting enough and I decided to add it to my long list of TBR.

For those of you who are not familiar with the character Tiger Lily she comes from Peter Pan. Now I have never read Peter Pan but I’ve seen the Disney movie well over hundred times in my lifetime. Tiger Lily isn’t a main character in Peter Pan and at least in the movie only has maybe 15 minutes you see her on the screen, but I’m interested in a story that focuses on her as the main character. Also I have managed to read the first chapter so far and the story seems to be told all from Tinker Bells perspective which adds a little something extra to the story in my opinion.

I’m hoping this is an enchanting tale and a really great read.

Happy Reading,




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