The Queen’s Poisoner by Jeff Wheeler

I have heard a lot about this book in the past few weeks. Originally I saw it on Bookoutlet but passed on it for something else. Of course after passing up on it, The Queen’s Poisoner has turned up on Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter. Not to mention that it’s on Kindle unlimited at the moment so I can read it for free!  Who doesn’t love that!

The Queen’s Poisoner is a Fantasy novel that has a vengeful King and a young boy named Owen who’s father once betrayed the King and had to hand Owen over to him to ensure he would not betray the King again. Well apparently Owen’s father fails to do that and now Owen must prove he is worthy to the King. Oh! and there’s magic, and whenever I read that on the inside jacket of a book I’ll usually read it. Plus the synopsis has me hooked, I want to know what happens and fall in love with a new series.  And honestly the cover of this book alone makes me want to read it. I might even have to buy a physical copy to have on my bookshelf but I’ll see if I like it first before doing that.

I don’t know when I’ll get around to reading it but I’m in a Fantasy genre mood at the moment and I can only imagine it will probably sooner rather than later. Although I’ve said it out loud now so probably not.

Happy Reading,



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