Neverwhere By Neil Gaiman

Neverwhere was a recommendation from deepthiunnkrishnan, who runs the blog onturningpages, in reply to my reading wishlist post I wrote about two months ago. After reading her comment I decided to head out to my local bookstore to find it and the description instantly made me want to read it.

The book is a fantasy novel about an underground world called Neverwhere that lies beneath the city of London that has all sorts beings not found on the world above. The main character Richard Mayhew is a business man who resides in the city above and has no clue about the existence of Neverwhere, that is until he rescues a girl connected to that world.  I was intrigued by the mystery of Neverwhere and it sounds like a great fantasy novel set in one of my favorite cities.

So you may be wondering why haven’t I read it yet?

My answer is best described by a reading philosophy of a pharmacist I use to work with. She could not read a book that did not fit the current season, meaning a book set around a town at the beach could not be read in the middle of December just as a Christmas novel wouldn’t do in July.  So too were my feelings about Neverwhere after I had read about twenty pages. I feel it would be a better read in the fall, especially around Halloween as some of the characters I’ve read so far seem to match that time of year the best. So I am going to read it this fall while I sit and sip on my pumpkin spice latte wearing my skinny jeans and boots because I’m kind of basic like that. (And by basic I mean awesome just so we’re clear.)

But I am curious to know if anyone else has this same quirk about reading? Does what you read have to reflect the scenery your in or maybe you can’t read a book that doesn’t match the mood you’d like to feel at that moment? I know that I can’t often read something sad when I’m feeling pretty happy. I’d love to hear from you all and see who else might feel this way.


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2 thoughts on “TBR Thursday: Neverwhere

  1. It’s great that you are able to match books with the right time to read them! 😊 I tend to pick up books based on theme most often, and at other times it’s random picks that end up being the right choice (if I’m lucky). Do share a link to your Neverwhere review once you do it! Would love to hear your thoughts on it 😊

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